Assignment 3

Assignment Class 3 – Students will make a short video (max 2 mins) and upload it - choose one of the options below. You will find the link to upload it on the assignment pdf attached to this class. 

1: video – create a short video (2-3 mins) sharing a custom or tradition that is part of your culture, and what ‘message’ it might convey. 


2: video - create a short video (2 mins) re-enacting the practice of a traditional ritual, cure or superstition, dance or chant, and what its purpose is  


3: video-create a short video (2-3 mins) Interview an older person who will share stories of mythology or folklore and what their meaning might be.


4: Create an image slideshow, audio file, original poem, original song or a piece of art based on any traditional folk custom or myth. Include your explanation of how your work was inspired and how it is representative of this theme. 

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