Assignment 9

For this assignment, you will need to find one of the following: The links in your resource sheet for this lesson will help you find the information you need. 

An American business (preferably based in your area or state) that has an office/ branch/ operation in Ireland. 


An Irish business that has an office/branch/operation based in the USA (preferably based in your area or state) 


an Irish product or service that is available to you in the USA. 

We would like you to upload a video presentation about any of the above, - an interview with someone connected with any of the above, or a business profile of the company, or a profile of the service or product, including why you think it is a successful enterprise. Please keep your video 1-2 mins in length, and you must present the video (profiles of business websites won’t do – we need to see you discuss the specific business). 

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