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Why we do pre and post course surveys

Virtual cultural programs like this are relatively new, and we really want to make sure that our programs are doing what they are supposed to do – helping you to develop cultural competency and a more internationalized perspective. 

You’ll find that prospective employers really want to hire people who know more about the world outside of the USA, so this can be a really valuable program for you to take.

In order to deliver the very best program we can, we need to collect and study the feedback from our students. This really helps us to know where we are being effective, and where we might change or adapt our programs. 

We really do appreciate your time and attention to answering this set of questions as accurately as you can; it does make a difference to us, and to the process of providing a high quality, accessible and affordable study program. 

We’ll ask you to do this now, before you begin the program, and once more, when the program is complete.


The Intercultural Ireland Team

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