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This course will help students to identify the evolution of women’s roles in Ireland from late 19th Century to present, and discuss the role of religion and the church regarding women’s roles in Irish Society past & Present 

It will also compare experiences of Irish and U.S. women in terms of experiences, activism, and agency 

The structure of the course is as follows:

1.  The evolution of women’s status in Ireland – an overview

2. Revolutionary women, the vote and the new Republic 1870-1918

3. Domestic Women in the New Republic 1918-1973

4. 'Girls Gone Bad' - Incarceration and Stigma

5. Two referendums and a changed 21st Century Ireland. 


Niamh Hamill, PhD

Hello, and welcome to our course about the lives of Irish women in Ireland throughout the past few generations. We'll focus on a number of important periods in the lives of Women in Irish society, and how their experiences shaped the country, past and present.

We'll also compare these experiences with Women from the U.S. and how each others activism and experiences led to a new political and cultural landscape for both countries.

In part one of this course, we will explore how this situation came about. In part two, we will look at the role of the Irish Housewives' Association in working towards the second wave of the Irish feminism in the 1970s.

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