This content is presented by Professor Marc Geagan, Head of Music at North West Regional College, Derry City. It is an introduction to Irish Traditional Music, including instruments, tunes, and live performances.

Marc Geagan

Head of Music Performance

North West College, Derry City

Hi. My name is Marc, and I am head of music performance at the multi-award winning music department Music and Performing Arts (MAPA) at the North West Regional College in Derry, Northern Ireland. I am also a historian, and in 2010, published my first book ‘Dancing by the Sea’. In 2015 I published my second book ‘Bordertown Blues’. I have lectured on Irish music at both New York University and Drew University NJ, and look forward to introducing you to Irish Traditional Music in this presentation. This is an entry-level class into the basics of Irish traditional tunes and instruments. I hope you enjoy and come back for more!

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