Dr. Niamh Hamill, Academic Director of Intercultural Ireland

Hi, I’m Dr. Niamh Hamill, and I'll be teaching this short lesson about the Stone Age Period, and what we can learn from the ancients. We'll be looking at how the first people arrived from Europe into Ireland, and how they created their secular and sacred spaces, many of which are still on the landscape, and inspire our creative imagination.

In each of our classes, we have added aspects and perspectives that will help you to add a global dimension to your learning. Comparative and critical thinking is the goal of all our lessons. Thank you in advance for using this content, please do return the evaluation sheet and let us know what other content you would like to have us create.

This lesson uses the stone-age period in Ireland (10000BC-2000 BC) as a platform for exploring ideas on ethnicity and identity, environment and sustainability, cultural practices and rituals, engineering and technology

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