This content will present the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland for comparison with the USA civil rights movement. In this lesson, we trace the movement from the first televised March in 1968 to the Long March in 1969. 

This lesson is part 1 of three classes on civil rights in Northern Ireland. We recommend you show this before the classes on Bloody Sunday (part II) and The People's Gallery (part III) - but each class will work individually.

Dr. Niamh Hamill

Hi, I’m Niamh, and in this class, I'll be telling you about the Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland in 1968 and 1969; how the leaders were inspired by the American Civil Rights Movement, what the similarities were, and the outcomes of this campaign of civil disobedience.

In each of our classes, we have added aspects and perspectives that will help you to add a global dimension to your learning. Comparative and critical thinking is the goal of all our lessons. Thank you in advance for using this content, please do return the evaluation sheet and let us know what other content you would like to have us create.

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