Who was St. Patrick?

A lot of us know about St. Patrick’s Day, and we have heard maybe some stories and legends about St. Patrick, but in this lesson we tell you a little bit about the man that we know as Patrick and explain some of the reasons why he is as well known as he is. So, join us now as we explore three things.

First of all, was there a real Patrick, and if so, what was his story? Secondly, we are going to talk about mythological Patrick, rock star celebrity Patrick, and then we’ll talk a little bit about St. Patrick’s Day itself, and how celebrating March 17 became a world-wide festival and celebration.

As Niamh tells the story, she visits places associated with Patrick, including The Hill of Tara, two holy wells associated with this early Irish Saint, Station Island, the site of the famous 'St. Patrick's Purgatory' and several other statues along the way. She apologizes for her hair, it was a very windy day when she was filming!

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