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The Intercultural Ireland Content Library was created to help teachers internationalize students and classes by using Ireland, and Irish/European history, culture, business, politics, economics, language, literature and science as a platform for creating the opportunity for comparative and critical thinking as a part of the lesson. The aim is to directly and purposefully create an opportunity to develop cultural competency in every lesson, irrespective of discipline.

A variety of lessons to suit your curriculum

We deliver content on a range of subjects from art, culture and the humanities, through to science and business; all with comparative notes for internationalized classrooms.

Deliverables for your classroom

Our short lessons are perfect for including as international, multi-disciplinary content, with defined outcomes, exercises and evaluations.

Professional quality, free to use.

Our content is free to use. We appreciate donations if you have a budget, or you can afford to support our library.

Structured academic mini-classes to include in your own lectures

Each mini-class is ten minutes long, and includes teacher notes and learning outcomes, a short video for the students, a student quiz, and a list of talking points for discussion.

Mini-classes will engage students in the key areas of cultural competence 

The subject matter of each class can be selected by searching the class discipline, topic or theme.

"Dr. Niamh Hamill and her team at the Institute of Study Abroad Ireland have created a wonderful opportunity to internationalize the classroom and develop cultural competencies. Her mini-classes are excellent - expertly designed and executed by Niamh and her colleagues. Niamh is a wonderful lecturer and brings the history of Ireland alive while drawing connections to current events in ways our students can really understand. Students love her, love the program, love Ireland. It's been a pleasure to work with Niamh for several years and it's been a privilege to witness the change in students' lives thanks to her tireless work. "

Suzanne LaVenture

Director. International Education & Faculty at Davidson County Community College

A Message from

our Directors

For twenty years + we've been co-teaching with partners in USA high school, using the narratives of Ireland, Britain, and European experience to develop cultural competency as a structured part of student education. We have developed this comprehensive library of content to co-teach with you iin your own classroom. Each of our mini-classes includes teacher notes, learning outcomes, a relevant and interesting video-lesson, quizzes and talking points. Our aim is to use the narratives of Ireland to create opportunities for critical and comparative thinking within the framework and theme of your program.